Sensor fusion & networking

Integration of sensors and other data into your system

We design and prepare our processing systems for the integration of data from various meteorological sensors. This could be the extension of your visualization with other radar sources, comparison of radar rain rate with gauges, lightning data overlay, and much more.

Sensor Fusion and Networking

In addition to the technical integration, we can also acquire requested data from weather services, agencies, and companies for you. Below you find a list of possible sources for meteorological data integration.

  • Single radars and radar networks (e.g. from weather services)
  • Lightning data
  • Rain gauges
  • Weather stations and AWOS (automated weather observing systems)
  • LIDAR (light detection and ranging)
  • Wind profiler
  • Temperature and humidity profiler
  • Radiosondes
  • Wind shear alert system (LLWAS)
  • Data sources specific to your project