X-band Doppler weather surveillance radar for airports

The GMWR-25-WS is a cost-effective X-band Doppler weather surveillance radar for reliable observation of critical weather around airports and other important infrastructures. It is designed for operation ranges up to 32 NM (60 km) and has very high update rates of less than 12 seconds per 360° scan. One major benefit is its seamless integration into ATC infrastructure.

Critical Weather at Airport

Standard and ATC data output

All GAMIC radars provide data in standard weather radar data formats. For optimal compatibility with air traffic controller (ATC) consoles and sharing data with other air traffic control agencies, the GMWR-25-WS additionally provides output formats ASTERIX CAT008 and CAT009.

Advanced signal processing

ENIGMA V Signal Processor

All GAMIC radars include our digital receiver and signal processor ENIGMA which allows rapid scanning and analysis products of scientific quality and accuracy. Digital Doppler velocity processing enables accurate velocity measurement.

The processing allows filtering of the input data, including clutter suppression (40 dB or better) resulting in less ground clutter, and the removal of distortions, speckles, interferences, and more. The result is clean weather output data which can be further processed as meteorological products.

Fast and reliable hardware

The GMWR-25-WS is built with a fan beam antenna providing continuous 360° azimuthal scans and comes with single polarization. A very high rotational speed allows update rates of less than 12 seconds per turn. The GMWR-25-WS uses a stable, well proven design based on standard radar technology and built with a minimum number of components. This enables a system with low investment and small operating costs while being highly reliable. Its hardware is fully solid state, except the magnetron transmitter. Hardware maintenance can be performed by any local technical service experienced in radar maintenance. The radar is designed with easy replaceable sub-units (line replacement unit, LRU) which allows quick repair and reduced downtime.

GMWR-400/1000-SST – Solid State Dual Polarization Radar

Are you looking for a weather radar with volume scan capabilities and/or dual polarization? Check out our GMWR-25-SP/DP with magnetron transmitter or the fully solid state GMWR-400/1000-DP.

Do you need a solution to get meteorological data from your existing ATC/ASR radar installation? Discover our GWSP Weather Signal Extractor for seamless integration into your infrastructure.