Quality policy

We want to share our high standards of working for and with you

General attitude to our work

Quality is the result of the conscientious work of our employees. This includes the respectful treatment of each other and of “external” partners, as well as the responsible handling of the environment and the resources provided. We communicate openly and honestly and keep what we promise.

Attention to our customers & partners

Our customers deserve the highest attention. Sensitivity and alertness to their needs and wishes determine our actions. The quality capability of our suppliers, as a basic requirement for our own quality, also demands our attention. Our striving for long-term partnerships with suppliers is another important cornerstone of our company.

Makeable technical solutions

Feasible technical solutions always require compromises. The customer’s benefit is always in the foreground and constantly presents us with new challenges. We gladly accept these challenges and inspire our customers with innovative and high-quality products. We pay special attention to a continuous improvement of the efficiency of our processes and our quality management system.

Innovative strengths

We make use of the cultural diversity in our company and promote the satisfaction and initiative of our employees from the idea to its realization.

Chances are taken

We observe the market and the resulting potential for development for our company very closely. With determination and meticulousness we follow current technologies and implement them promptly in order to improve the quality and performance of our products. Our goal is to maintain our technological leadership in the global market.