Radar systems

Compact and high precision X-band radar systems for various applications


Magnetron weather radar

Our flexible magnetron X-band Doppler weather radar with dual polarization feature and 25 kW peak power. A weather radar with many possible applications, from public safety to hydrology and education.


Solid-state weather radar

The entirely solid-state version of our X-band Doppler weather radar comes with 1000 W power, utilizing pulse compression technology. Solid-state radars allow enhanced dual polarization features and need less maintenance than magnetron radars.


Airport weather surveillance radar

A dedicated X-band radar with rapid update rates for the surveillance of severe weather at airports and similar facilities. It is designed for seamless integration into existing airport infrastructure.


Ocean wave sensing radar

The GWSR is the ocean wave sensing radar utilized in the General Dynamics APS FutureWaves system. Its high range resolution and wave velocity measurement capability enable precise vessel motion prediction.

Looking for C- and S-band radar systems?

We have many years of experience in creating C- and S-band weather radar systems together with our radar technology partners. A reliable solution is for instance the combination of our advanced signal processing subsystem with antenna and transceiver from our partners. Feel free to contact us and we will find a solution for your needs.