Ocean wave sensing radar for vessel deck motion forecasting

The GWSR is a wave sensing radar developed by GAMIC for FutureWaves™, a product by General Dynamics APS, which provides detailed sea state measurements and forecasting of vessel motion response to waves.

Specially designed radar

The GWSR sensor is an optimized scanning, Coherent-On-Receive Doppler radar. Designed specifically for FutureWaves, the specialized radar makes high resolution Doppler measurements of sea surface radial-velocity, enabling phase-resolved wavefield measurements and predictions.

Photo and technical drawing of GAMIC wave sensing radar

Sea state measurements

FutureWaves provides a detailed ocean wave energy spectrum measurement with industry leading accuracy by utilizing the specialized X-band Doppler radar GWSR and innovative signal processing methods. Physical wave measurements such as height, period, direction, and specific wave timing are measured and forecasted in real-time.

Vessel deck motion forecasting

Using wave information along with vessel course, speed, and a hydrodynamic model, FutureWaves forecasts how vessels will respond to upcoming wave events for minutes into the future. This allows teams to plan and perform more precisely at sea while increasing windows of operation, increasing safety, and reducing risks.

Various applications

The GWSR and FutureWaves product are suitable for any application that requires vessel stability e.g. offshore construction, seabasing and other ship-to-ship transfer, or shipboard helicopter and small boat operations. Additionally, sea-state awareness in low visibility situations is improved. For a non-exhaustive list of application scenarios, consider the FutureWaves website.