Weather Radar & Signal Processing

We have been providing solutions for worldwide meteorological projects for more than 35 years

Discover our weather radar and signal processing key products…

GAMIC solid-state weather radar pointing to a cloud with severe rainfall

X-band radar systems

The multifunctional GMWR weather radars are compact and cost-efficient solutions for hydrology, aviation, population and asset protection, agriculture, research, gap-filling, early warning systems, and more.

Signal Processing Hardware

Signal processing hardware

ENIGMA is the powerful radar signal processor and the perfect option to get clean meteorological data from every weather radar. Check out the new features that were recently added.

FROG-MURAN Software Suite

Weather radar software

The comprehensive weather radar software suite Frog-Muran allows easy radar controlling and maintenance as well as meteorological product generation, visualization, and more.

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GAMIC was established in 1988 as a company for meteorological signal processing systems. Besides our proven signal processor ENIGMA, we build complete X-band Doppler weather radar systems with single or dual polarization.

We also develop the sophisticated weather radar software suite Frog-Muran. Our custom solutions and consulting services will facilitate your radar related project. GAMIC is a worldwide operating company based in Aachen, Germany.