Comprehensive weather radar software suite

FROG-MURAN is GAMIC’s complete weather radar software suite for single radars and radar networks. It comprises various tools for any weather radar related task – control and maintenance, product generation and scheduling, visualization, and much more.

Core applications

  • FROG-RealTime Real-time radar maintenance, surveillance, and calibration tool
  • RadarControl Scheduling of pre-/post-processing and product generation, data distribution, user configuration, and more
  • COLIBRI Visualization and animation of radar products

Additional tools

  • MOSAIC Radar network compositing
  • 3DVIEW Interactive 3D data presentation
  • Webview Browser-based product visualization
  • IIDG Internet Image Data Generator
  • Internet Server for data access via web-browser and PC
  • GSF Radar-based storm tracking and nowcasting
  • WWARN Weather decision aid system
  • ASTERIX ATC console weather data generator (CAT008/009)
  • Data Integration Lidar, AWOS, rain gauges, lightning, …

Compatible with any weather radar system

Designed to be fully independent of equipment, FROG-MURAN is compatible with all types of weather radars (X/C/S-band; magnetron, klystron, or solid-state transmitters), with single or dual polarization, and including pulse compression options. No matter whether you are running a stand-alone radar or a multi-radar network, FROG-MURAN is the perfect software for you.

International references

The software suite has been successfully implemented worldwide over 250 times. It is in operational usage by national weather services, airports, research institiutions, armed forces, and other facilities. FROG-MURAN has been approved for operation in national weather service networks with multiple radars, e.g. Germany (19 radars), Morocco (6 radars), or Brazil (18 radars).

Various output products

The following is an overview of meteorological, hydrological, and more output products that are available with FROG-MURAN. For detailed information about our weather products, please contact us.

  • Standard products (PPI, RHI, CAPPI, …)
  • Echo analysis (echo base, echo top, …)
  • Hydrological products (rain rate, accumulated precipitation, …)
  • Wind analysis products (wind profile, vector field, …)
  • Wind and shear detection (azimuthal shear, elevation shear, …)
  • Storm analysis (vertically integrated liquid, storm structure, …)
  • Warning of severe weather (hail, flooding, microburst, gust front, …)
  • Tracking and forecasting (interactive, automatic, …)
  • Composition and data integration (Lidar, AWOS, rain gauges, lightning, …)