Radar components and subsystems

Repair, extend the lifetime, and upgrade your radar system

Besides our complete X-band weather radar systems, we offer anything from single spare parts to complex subsystems. We either deliver only the hardware components but can also assist you extensively by their integration and (re-)activation. This way, you’ll be able to operate your radar with less downtime and extended lifetime.

Spare parts and radar components

Radars are complex electro(-magnetic) and mechanic systems that are usually running continuously. And yet many parts of a radar system have a limited operating time. We help you to get the spare parts you need to get your radar running again.

Radar subsystems

ENIGMA V Signal Processor

If there are multiple parts of your radar affected and not working properly, we exchange those with dedicated subsystems that will reanimate your radar system. Those subsystems can also serve as an upgrade which offers cleaner data, a more extensive output, higher sensitivity, and of course an overall longer lifetime.

C- and S-band radar systems

We already built many C- and S-band radar systems by combining our advanced signal processing subsystem with antenna and transceiver from our radar technology partners. If you are interested or want to know more, feel free to contact us.