Over 35 years of experience in weather radar and signal processing

GAMIC was established as a company for meteorological signal processing systems. Besides our proven signal processor ENIGMA, we build complete X-band Doppler weather radar systems with single or dual polarization and develop the sophisticated weather radar software suite Frog-Muran. Our custom solutions and consulting services will facilitate your radar related project. GAMIC is a worldwide operating company, based in Aachen, Germany.

Established in 1988

GAMIC was established in 1988 by Dr.-Ing. Martin Malkomes in Aachen (Germany) close to the Dutch and Belgian border. Since back then, we have been in cooperation with weather radar sensor manufacturers worldwide, providing state-of-the-art signal and data processing products to be used for Doppler weather radars.

Signal processing hardware and software since 1995

In 1995 we developed the weather radar software suite Frog-Muran and the digital IF processor family ENIGMA. Both make up a perfect companion for weather radar systems, installed by many customers all over the world. With a growing team of hardware and software engineers, we were able to complete many projects and consolidated our position in the weather radar sector.

Complete X-band weather radar systems since 2012

Some years ago, in 2012, we provided a solution to fill a gap of small, flexible, and sensitive radars in the meteorological sensor industry. Since then we develop and manufacture complete X-band weather radar systems (magnetron and solid state) integrating our signal and data processors, as well as our comprehensive software suite.

The next generation since 2016 and beyond

Paul Malkomes took over the management of GAMIC from his father Dr.-Ing. Martin Malkomes as the new CEO in 2016. Since then, the production line was modernized and the team is growing. With experts in hardware engineering, software development, meteorology, and more, GAMIC offers its broadest portfolio to date. Besides our established weather radar core competence, we are working on various individual radar related projects and are looking forward to working on yours.