X-band Doppler weather radar with single or dual polarization

The GMWR-25-SP/DP is a cost-effective and flexible X-Band Doppler weather radar with magnetron transmitter. It is designed for operation with a range of 100 km up to a maximum of 150 km and uses Doppler technology for accurate radial wind velocity measurements. The dual polarization option enables attenuation correction, advanced product generation, and hydrometeor classification.

Well proven and reliable hardware

Our GMWR-25-SP/DP radars use a stable, well proven design based on standard radar technology and built with a minimum number of components. This enables a system with low investment and small operating costs while being highly reliable. Hardware maintenance can be performed by any local technical service experienced in radar maintenance. The GMWR-25-SP/DP hardware is fully solid state, except the magnetron transmitter. Alternatively, we also offer weather radar systems with solid state transmitters, the GMWR-400/1000-SST.

GMWR-25-SP/DP radars are available with single or dual polarization. For dual polarization we offer our GAMIC designed symmetric splash plate antenna providing perfect conditions for ideal dual polarization measurements. If you are not sure which type of radar you need, feel free to contact us.

Advanced signal processing

ENIGMA V Signal Processor

All GAMIC radars include our digital receiver and signal processor ENIGMA which allows rapid scanning and analysis products of scientific quality and accuracy. Digital Doppler velocity processing enables accurate velocity measurement.

The processing allows filtering of the input data, including clutter suppression (40 dB or better) resulting in less ground clutter, and the removal of distortions, speckles, interferences, and more. The result is clean weather output data which can be further processed as meteorological products.

Comprehensive software suite

Frog-Muran display with radar data visualization

The perfect enhancement for your radar system is our weather radar software suite Frog-Muran. It provides full product generation capability, including volume scan products and hydro-meteorological rainfall analysis. The visualization system serves high quality radar images which can also be displayed via our browser-based Webview application.

Flexible operational applications

Besides the typical stationary radar installation, we also offer transportable and mobile radars. Our custom solutions comprise mounting on a vehicle or trailer, a self-erecting hydraulic mast, a flexible container for transport and deployment in remote areas, and more. Tell us about your needs, we will find a solution that suits you.