We offer dedicated services tailored to your needs:

Radar Upgrades

Your processing hardware and/or software is outdated or needs critical upgrades? GAMIC’s ENIGMA and FROG-MURAN will help you to make the most of your existing sensor.
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Meteorological Sensor Fusion and Networking

Your wish to have an integrated picture of your Weather Data on the complete covered area? GAMIC’s Networking and Integration software will give you the most accurate image of the Weather on your entire territory and aloe you to control what is going on in your radar network.
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Data System Services

We help you to keep your software running safe and reliable on all your existing or news platforms.
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We analyze your needs and elaborate a clear picture for your current and future projects.
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Project Management

We carry out your project from concept to operational use and maintenance.
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We translate your technical and commercial documentation in various languages.
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