Standard Products

Included in all FROG-MURAN versions

Product Name Description
PPI (Z, V, W, R) Plan Position Indicator
RHI (Z, V, W, R) Range Height Indicator
CAPPI (Z, V, W, R) Constant Altitude PPI
VXSECT (Z, V, W, R) Vertical Cross Section
MAXDISPLAY (Z, V, W, R) Maximum Column CAPPI

Dual Polarization Moment Extensions

RCLASS Rainfall Classification

Optional Products

Pre-Processing & Correction

BBLC Beam Blockage Correction
BBC Bright Band Detection and Correction
PREC Precipitation Attenuation Correction
VPR Vertical Profile of Rain Correction
OCC Beam Occultation Correction

Echo Height Analysis

ETOP Echo Top
EBASE Echo Base
LMAX Layer Maximum
CMAX Column Maximum
HMAX Maximum Height of Maxima
ETH Echo Thickness

Wind Analysis

VAD Velocity Azimuth Display
VVP Volume Velocity Processing
UWT Uniform Wind Technique
HWIND Horizontal Wind

Storm Analysis

CMM Combined Moment Display
SRV Storm Relative Velocity
SMV Spectrum Mean Velocity
LMR Layer Mean Reflectivity
SWAD Severe Weather Analysis

Hydrological Analyis

SRI Surface Rainfall Intensity
SHR Surface Hourly Rainfall
VIL Vertically Integrated Liquid
PAC Precipitation Accumulation
PAL Long Time Accumulation
RIH Rainfall Intensity Histogram
PRT Point Rainfall Total Plot & Table
RSA River Subcatchment Accumulation
RGAUGE Radar gauge
VPR Vertical profile correction

Wind & Shear

RDS Shear in Radial Direction, Radial Shear
AZS Shear in Azimuth Direction, Azimuth Shear
ELS Shear in Elevation Direction, Elevation Shear
RAS Shear Combined Range and AZ direction, 2D Az shear
RES Shear Combined Range and EL direction, 2D El shear
3DS Shear Combined Range, AZ and EL direction, 3D Shear
HZS Shear in Horizontal Layer Direction, Horizontal Shear
VCS Shear in Vertical Layer Direction, Vertical Shear
SHEAR All Shear-Package
LTB Shear between Two Layers, Layer Turbulence
LLSHEAR (xref. HZS) Low level wind Shear

Warning of Severe Weather & Phenomena Detection

VIR Vertically Integrated Reflectivity
WARN Automatic Severe Weather Warning
SSANA, SSA Storm Structure Analysis
MESO Meso Cyclone Detection
CDVER, VERG Convergence/Divergence Product
SWI Severe Weather Indicator
DSD Dust Storm Detection
HAIL Hail Detection
MBURST Microburst Detection
GUST Gust Front detection
FCOM-WARN Severe Weather Feature Combination
IDW Ice Detection and Warning

Tracking & Forecasting

ITRACK Interactive Strom tracking
STP, GSF Automatic Storm tracking
RSTP Rain Tracking
CSTP Centroid Tracking

Compositing, Communication & Data Fusion

MOSAIC Radar Network Composite (Proprietary format)
MOSAIC – WS Radar Network Composite (Other formats – UF)
SAT (Metosat, NOAA, EOS, MODIS, …) Satellite Image Data Processing
TOOLKIT Processing and display of multiple BISTATIC receiver data
DVL Dynamic vector overlay DVL e.g. for flight data display
DLR Dynamic raster underlay DRL, for SAT display
LIGHT Lightning Data Dynamic Overlay
GAUGE Rain Gauge Data Integration
AWOS AWOS Integration
LLWAS LLWAS Integration
NWP NWP Interface, BUFRE
IIDG Web / Internet Data Distribution System
FROG-3DVIEW 3D image display
WSP, WDP ASTERIX CAT008/009 Front-End Processing

Geographical Projection of Products

Azimuth-Equidistant (default)
Polar-Stereographic with selectable references
Polar-Stereographic UTM