FROG-MURAN Software Screenshots

GAMIC Data Systems For Doppler Weather Radars

FROG-MURAN is GAMIC’s original developed complete data processing suite for stand-alone Doppler weather radars and for multi-radar networks, in C-, S- or X-band.

Designed to be fully independent of equipment, FROG-MURAN is compatible with all types of Doppler Weather Radars using magnetron, klystron or solid-sate transmitters, in single or dual polarization, including pulse compression options.

Download the FROG-MURAN datasheet [PDF]

FROG-MURAN Time Series Example

FROG-MURAN Time Series Example

Features of Frog Muran Software Suite

  • FROG-RTNG Most Advanced Real-time Radar Maintenance and Visualization Tool
  • PROGEN Comprehensive Radar Product Algorithms for Meteorology, Hydrology, ATC and Governmental Users
  • COLIBRI II Product Visualization
  • FROG-3D Interactive 3-Dimensional data presentation
  • MURAN Data dissemination and wide area network message switching
  • MOSAIC Radar Compositing
  • Internet Server for Data access via Browser & PC
  • Nowcasting STP, Radar data based
  • WWARN Weather Decision Aid Systems
  • TOOLKIT Scientific Weather Sensor Processing
  • ASTERIX ATC console weather data generator


  • FROG-MURAN is running successfully and has been approved for operation in governmental networks with more than 19 radars
  • Dual polarization functions and operational reference in mountainous regions, with presence of strong clutter
  • Algorithms tested and approved by governmental agencies (DWD, BAF, ESA…)
  • Easily extendable (new radars or user workstations) without programming, just by adding a license in the configuration
  • Flexible licensing concept for easy extension of additional users or algorithms without re-programming or SW re-installations
  • Separate Radar Control and Product display
  • Concurrent multi-tasking product generation

Radar Network Integration & Compositing

FROG-MURAN has dedicated features for data dissemination and wide area network message switching, as well as radar product compositing that are operating successfully for National Weather Services such as the DWD in Germany (19 radars), Marco Meteo in Morocco (6 radars) or SIVAM in Brazil (18 radars).

Radar MOSAIC in Germany (19 radar network)

Example Radar MOSAIC time series of Germany

Example Radar MOSAIC Time Series of Germany


FROG-MURAN features numerous algorithms fully developed by GAMIC for:

  • Data quality improvement (real-time & post-processing)
  • Quantitative Echo Analysis
  • Wind Analysis Products
  • Storm Analysis Products
  • Hydrological Analysis
  • Wind and Shear Detection
  • Warning of Severe Weather
  • Detection of Meteorological Phenomena
  • Tracking and forecasting
  • Composition, Communication and Data Fusion
  • Projections and I/O formatting

See full list of FROG-MURAN Weather Products