Number of bins Single Polarization: 4000
Dual Polarization: 2000
Main features
  • DUAL CORE PC up to 8-CORE host
  • PCI host board to connect to IFD
  • XMT “COHO” board – optional
Typical base resolution 25m to 125m
Range 10-400km, 600km option
PRF 10-3000 Hz
Number of Pulse widths 4 with independent configurable matched filters (up to 1280 taps)
Dual PRF Stagger Modes None, 2/3, 3/4 and 4/5
Output data
  • Corrected reflectivity Z
  • Uncorrected reflectivity UZ
  • Radial velocity V
  • Uncorrected Radial velocity UV
  • Folded Radial velocity VF
  • Uncorrected Folded Radial velocity UVF
  • Spectral Width W
  • Uncorrected Spectral Width UW
  • Clutter power CCOR
  • Signal power SIGPOW
  • Signal quality index SQI
  • Signal Noise Ratio SNR
  • Received Power LOG
  • In-phase/Quadrature signal I, Q
  • Power spectrum DFT
Processing Modes
  • Pulse Pair Processing (PPP)
  • FFT Processing (FFT)
  • DFT Processing (DFT)
  • Selectable 40dB and 50dB IIR filter coefficients
  • Filter width adjustable in 8 steps (All-pass, Filter 1-7)
  • Range dependant clutter map in 125m increments
  • Filter zeroing on/off
  • Configurable filter stabilization delay’
  • Clutter micro suppression
  • Adaptive filter width adjustable in 8 steps (Allpass, Filter 1-7)
  • Range dependant clutter map in 125m increments
  • Clutter micro suppression
  • Selectable interpolation:
    • DC cancellation
    • Interpolation
    • Dual slope interpolation
  • Selectable tapering window:
    • Rectangle
    • Hamming
    • Blackman
    • Hann
    • Welch
    • Kaiser-Bessel
Time averaging Adjustable time samples 16-1024 or Dynamic angle syncing (0.1°-5°)
Data quality algorithms
  • Rain attenuation correction, Dual polarization based
  • 1/r² range normalization
  • Gas attenuation correction
  • Reflectivity speckle remover (2 Dimensional)
  • Velocity speckle remover
  • Configurable thresholding with NOISE, CCOR, SECONDTRIP, RHOHV, SIGPOW and SQI
I/Q Recorder Pulse wise I/Q recording in 32Bit IEEE floating point format to the internal hard disk
Configuration FROG/MURAN Network capable GUI, telnet or through the built in HTTP server (comprehensive browser interface).
Matched filter designer GUI program for semi automatic calculation of matched filter coefficients (for transmitter pulse) and verification. Comprehensive AFC configuration and visualization.
Status information
  • Host CPU load, CPU temperature and amount of free memory
  • Host Voltages
  • IFD power supply
  • IFD temperatures
  • A/D converter status
  • AFC Status
  • Number of pulses for autocorrelation
PCI receiver card Standard PCI card

  • Buffered 5V, 50Ohm trigger output
  • Parallel standard angle TAG input (Azimuth and Elevation)
  • Optional: Serial (3 wire) angle TAG input
  • Coaxial high speed serial uplink (isolated)
  • Fiber optic 1.2 GBits/s downlink
Host enclosure Standard 19″ rack-mount (3 or 4 HE). Depth 420mm or custom enclosure.