Radar Modernization & Dopplerization

ENIGMA IV is GAMIC’s state-of-the-art Doppler Weather Signal processor and sensor-brand independent. ENIGMA IV can be applied to your existing radar and it is performance range can be configured to gigaflops.

With GAMIC ENIGMA IV Processors, your existing radar can easily be modernized and your non-doppler radar can be upgraded to a Doppler radar. The digitalized processing of ENIGMA IV is an easy and cost effective way to “dopplerize” existing non-Doppler weather radar sensors without spending money on analogue receiver processing modules.

The following units become obsolete in the Digital Doppler receiver:

  • COHO
  • AFC
  • IF LogAmp
  • IF LinAmp
  • Phase Detector
  • Video Signal processing units

These units are replaced by the IF-Digitizer Unit and SDP processing algorithms.