GAMIC Radar Control Processor

Gamic Radar Control Processor GCP IV was first introduced in 2007. GAMIC’s GCP IV provides a convenient interface between a modern weather radar system and advanced application software. All of the radar I/O and antenna control are handled by GCP IV which communicates via an Ethernet interface. GCP IV is independent form brands and can be connected to weather radar systems from different manufacturers.

The GCP IV provides position and velocity servos for both the Azimuth the Elevation of the antenna, the status monitoring of the transmitter/receiver/antenna servo systems and the control functions such as Radiate On/Off and Servo On/Off. The Ethernet interface can be connected to virtually any workstation or PC and is fully compatible with Gamic ENIGMA family signal processors and FROG MURAN software system.

Technical Specification

GCP IV can have in total 12 different I/O cards. It may have one of the configuration from the following list:

  • 12 Digital input card
  • 12 digital output (TTL) card
  • 12 Digital Relay card
  • 12 Analog Input (12 bit) card
  • A combination of 12 different I/O cards from above list

Each type of I/O card has following channels:

  • Each Digital Input card has 12 opto-isolated channels.
  • Each Digital Relay card has 12 normally open (NO) channels.
  • Each Digital Output (TTL) has 16 opto-isolated open collector channels.
  • Each Analog Input (12 bit) has 8 differential channels.