As the leading source of industry standard weather radar data processing systems and signal processors, we are servicing weather radar customers internationally for more than 20 years.

Since the first days of GAMIC in 1988, we have been in cooperation with weather radar sensor manufacturers worldwide in provisioning state of the art signal and data processing products to be used for Doppler Weather Radars (Magnetron and Klystron).

Project ROMUALD in French Guyana

Project ROMUALD for CNES in French Guyana (2001)

Since 1995, we have developed the GAMIC weather radar sensor application environment FROG which comprises the baseband and digital IF processor family ENIGMA, radar control and monitoring FROG RDC as well as comprehensive product generation FROG MAS.

Since 2012, GAMIC develops and manufactures state-of-the-art X-band Doppler Weather Radar System (magnetron and solid state) integrating GAMIC signal and data processors, as well as software suites.

The weather images are presented in a user friendly way on COLIBRI II.

  • ENIGMA for real-time Doppler signal processing
  • FROG RTNG for real-time weather data processing calibration and maintenance
  • FROG PROGEN for comprehensive product generation and dissemination
  • COLIBRI II for user data presentation in conventional 2D form
  • FROG 3D for weather radar data presentation in 3D intuitive formAll these products are in use operationally worldwide by weather services, universities, ATC authorities and military.